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Trust ~ my Word of The Year [a Flying Sisters’ Blog Circle]

on January 2, 2013

[For my 2nd post on this brand spankin’ new blog o’ mine, I have the unspeakable honor of taking part in a Blog Circle. There is an amazing, creative, inspiring group of ladies I’ve ‘met’ through an online course I took last September who’ve offered me this beautiful opportunity to participate, so I dove right in, without looking. *gasp! At the end of this post, you’ll find the link to the next fabulous blog in the Circle. Each of us are posting about the Word of The Year we’ve chosen. So, read on and take the time to enjoy them all. I can promise you’ll be blessed and uplifted beyond belief!]

For the longest time – really for as long as I can remember – the making of New Year’s Resolutions has been exciting for me.

Like Brand-New-School-Supplies exciting.

Like Fridge-Full-Of-Food-For-The-New-Diet exciting.

You know – like REALLY EXCITING!

And, with some of those Resolutions, I succeeded. I even kept the ‘Remember Everyone’s Birthdays & Anniversaries’ one for several YEARS. Woop, woop! But mostly, I failed  each of those Resolutions fell by the wayside. Some I felt bad about, some I let go of with no regret.

About 5 years ago, I decided to call the list I made on December 31st my ‘REVolutions’ instead of the standard ‘Resolutions’ – hoping that would light a bigger fire within me to really, really do it/them this time. Um. That didn’t make much difference in the Success Department.

3 years ago, one of my beautiful, talented, ridiculously cool family members declared a Word of the Year. And, because I secretly yearn to be like her when I grow up, I thought, ‘Hey! I can do that, too!’ Except, me being me and all, I couldn’t just choose one word! I chose four. Brevity has always been a goal of mine — NOT a skill I was born with.

In 2010, my word was chosen for me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through several surgeries and 52 weeks of chemotherapy. That word was Survive. I’m proud to say that I did. And I continue to survive. That word, and that year, changed me in ways I am still discovering.

Last year, I did choose one word. And I seem to have forgotten it. Go figure. It’s probably on the floor of my closet, under some Christmas gifts that were intended for last year and never given. (If I were making a list of Resolutions, you can bet your bottom dollar that ‘Clean and Organize Closet’ would be very near the top!)

This year, thanks to a precious group of new friends, I’ve again chosen one word. One little, but supremely powerful and foundational, word.


There were 4 other words that played Leap Frog in my heart and mind as I searched. But when the game was over, there was a winner.


You see, when I look back over my life, it’s clear to me that trust was given, taken, broken, disregarded and not recovered from very early on.

Some of the details are fuzzy – some clear as a bell.

Some of the people involved remain in my life. Some have moved on. Some I have left behind.

And, today, I choose to declare that the details don’t matter. Sure, some of the losses, betrayals, and rejections deserve to be fully grieved. To be examined for purpose. To be set free. To be left in the past.

I can do the work of grieving. (And that is work, to be sure.) I can search for the lessons. I can loosen my grip. I can look to the future.

But here’s the thing – the one person who has a tendency to get in my way of living from a place of trust is…Me.

Shoot. That sucks to admit that. I mean, really. It’d be so nice to lay the blame at someone else’s feet. To find a scapegoat.

But I can’t.

Because my ultimate goal is to live a life of grace and peace. To be a calming presence in the lives of those I love. To be an encourager. To spread the light that’s burning to shine through me. To be confident and fearless.

And I can’t do that if I don’t trust.

Trust my God.

Trust myself.

Trust my heart.

Trust my head.

Trust my talents.

Trust my passions.

Trust my gut.

Trust my body.

Trust my voice.

Trust my instincts.

Trust the flow of life.

Trust the love around me.

Trust the unfolding of it all.

Trust that all is well.

So, there you have it. For me, trust is truly at the core of everything.

I think that’s why it won the game of Leap Frog.

And I’m jittery and excited and thrilled and anxious to focus on that word for the next 364 days. To do the work that I’m sure will be given to me as I allow my word to change me. To look back next year at this time and see the beautiful pathway my feet discovered along the way.

My fellow Flying Sister, Lisa Rivas, is bravely sharing her word in this sweet Circle, too. Please continue on around the Circle and savor all the bold, colorful, lovely offerings from these precious souls.

Oh, and Happy New Day!

**January 7, 2013 Breaking News! You can read about even more inspiring words that found homes in the hearts of some of The Most Beautiful Souls here !!  


32 responses to “Trust ~ my Word of The Year [a Flying Sisters’ Blog Circle]

  1. Laura!!
    First of all, I cannot believe this is your brand, spankin’ new blog! It’s GORGEOUS! And I am SO glad that you have one now!!

    Second, I adored reading your post. You are super funny, but you also were poignant and it the nail on the head, despite you thinking you need brevity. (Totally relate to that!)

    I was getting really tearful reading your post about trust; so, so much of it resonates with me. So much of it I relate to. And yes, it totally sucks to have to admit something to yourself: that we have to be responsible for certain aspects of us. (I just had to realize that, too. I’m still having a bit of a tantrum about it, to be honest.)

    Thank you for sharing so openly.

    Lots of love to you!

    • LauraK says:

      You are so kind, Becky! Love that you relate to the Wish for Brevity, too! So humbled by your comment… Can’t wait to get over to your blog and read about your word(s)!


  2. Dawn Conery says:

    Hi Laura! I was so excited to read your post. You were in my heart and my thoughts so much over the last few months when I found out you were going through your last surgery. It was thrilling to see you emerge victorious from that!
    And I love your word Trust. It is such a difficult thing to do, as you already know, but your words and enthusiasm give me more Trust too. Funny how, after reading only a few posts about our Word of the year selection, I am already embedding everyone’s Word into my heart. What a gift!

    Beautiful! …. huggs

    • LauraK says:

      Dawn, your sweet heart and thoughts touch mine! Love the idea of embedding others’ words into our hearts!
      Can’t wait to get over to your blog soon!


  3. Renee says:

    Beautiful blog, beautiful post. Hopefully you will trust your words and continue to write as you do it so well.

  4. Debi Minter says:

    Whew! Laura I laughed and cried while I read your post… really I did. Everything you wrote touched my heart in a very deep way. I understand you trembling at what the year will hold for you as you embrace the word “TRUST”. I feel much the same way as I wonder what God has in store for me by giving me the word “LIGHT”. May MANY blessings come your way this year as you embrace your word. I’m so glad I get to “FLY” with you and watch it all unfold in our lives!!

    • LauraK says:

      Debi! How humbling to know that what I wrote moved you!!
      Right back atcha with the prayer for MANY blessings on your path through this year!
      Can’t wait to read about how ‘LIGHT’ found you!

  5. Trust. Just that one word conveys so much meaning. I’m hoping all your dreams come true, trust that they will!!

  6. Sue Grilli says:

    I loved how you listed all of the ways you can trust. What a great way to start the year. Looking forward to hearing more from you in 2013!

  7. Wow, that is one amazing post. So maybe you should right a third one, and then a fourth. By the way, you ROCK! Happy 2013 and here’s to an amazing journey of trust ❤

  8. kathiegadd says:

    Trust is something we all should earn and too many times it’s given too freely or not at all! I’ve learned this over the years as well, but like you, TRUST in yourself should be at the top of the list and you are already doing just that!!
    Blessings to you in 2013… I trust it’s going to be a great year for you!!

  9. Wendy Poling says:

    A beautiful post from a beautiful soul. Your message really moved me, Laura! I can already see the confidence and serenity. May trust serve you well this year! Sending you light and love!

  10. Michelle says:

    What an amazingly, honest and strong woman you are! And how brave you are to pick such a word that fills my mind with all that is true and authentic. So very happy to have come to your blog.

  11. Karrlin Bain says:

    This post is wonderful! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. Trust is an excellent word!

  12. Yes! Trust is a wonderful word! There are so many things to trust in. Happy New Year!

  13. Sofia says:

    great word! happy new year!

  14. Great word and I love how much meaning it has for you. Thanks for joining in with the Word Hop, have a great 2013.

  15. Lin says:

    Loved your insight and thoughts. There were a couple of AMENS in there for me too. Looking forward to getting to know you this year!

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