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You Are Beautiful: Coffee for Your Heart

on January 22, 2014

{Welcome to Week 3 of Holley Gerth‘s Encouragement Challenge.}

Sweet friend, there’s something I want you to know.
Something you need to know.
And not just ‘head’ know…I mean, really, truly ‘heart’ know.

Are you ready for it?
Here it is…

You are beautiful…just as you are.

Yes, YOU are beautiful.

YOU, with the hair that may not be doing what you want it to today…or yesterday…or ever.
YOU, with the eyes that you are convinced are ‘loppy’…or ‘baggy’…or ‘not the right shade’.
YOU, with the nose that tilts up…or down…or is ‘too crooked’…or ‘too straight’.
YOU, with the lips that are ‘much-too-thin’…or ‘much-too-full’.

Yes, YOU.

But I want you to know, before we get any farther into this…it’s not about appearances.
Not. At. All.

Beauty is IN you.
Yes, YOU.
It was placed there by the Lover of your soul, before you were even born.
It radiates from your heart.
It bursts from your smile.
It’s Real Beauty.
Your beauty.

And even though you may not believe it…even though it may scare you to think it…we need YOUR beauty.
The world needs your beauty.
After all, there is no beauty like yours.
It is totally, completely, unrepeatably, miraculously unique.
Without YOUR beauty, we will all be poorer.
With YOUR beauty, we will all be blessed.

If this is hard for you to believe, hard for you to grasp, please don’t worry.
Don’t panic.
Because it’s already there…within you…so all the potions and creams society tries to tell you are ‘necessary’ to perfect your beauty really aren’t.
It’s already there…within you…so all the nips and tucks (you know, the things life does to your soul…the name-calling, the messages, the not-measuring-up, the wounds, the scars you’ve braved) are really beauty marks, angel kisses of proof that you’ve survived.
It’s already there…within you…so all you have to do is decide to accept it…to acknowledge it…to release it into this world that needs it…needs YOU…so badly.

Sweet friend, your beauty was created and planted in you for a reason.
A purpose that can only be fulfilled in the sharing.
So please, my most beautiful friend, know from the the top of your head to the tips of your toes…
you are beautiful.

And let that beauty…YOUR beauty…shine.
Coffee for Your Heart 150


6 responses to “You Are Beautiful: Coffee for Your Heart

  1. Kristin Hill Taylor says:

    What a beautiful reminder! {Visiting from Holley Gerth’s link up!}

  2. Such wonderful encouragement!!!! ❤

  3. Love this, Laura. My heart warmed all the way through your words. May I link up to your blog as LOVE is my word of the year – SELF-LOVE to start with and your message speaks volumes to me.

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