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You Inspire Me. Yes, YOU.

on February 26, 2014

I didn’t watch much of the recent Winter Olympics.
I wanted to…intended to…but just never found the necessary time to slow down, sit down, and take in any of the events.
I know there were many fascinating, inspiring, slickly-produced backstories of athletes making wild sacrifices for their chosen sports – sacrifices of time, energy, even comfort in the hopes of achieving the human equivalent of perfection.
The perfection to which gold, silver, and bronze offer their shiny, precious-metal testimonies.

And, while those stories – stories of passion-driven sacrifices (oftentimes made also by the athletes’ families) – are inspiring, I find what truly inspires me are the equally brave, passion-filled acts performed on a much smaller stage, for a much smaller audience, with a much smaller budget, on a much smaller scale.

Plain and simple, for me, it’s people – everyday, ordinary people – who discover, pursue, and walk in their God-given gifts and talents that inspire me.
Inspire me beyond words.

Maybe it’s because the people I’m thinking of are not those cut from larger-than-life, I-could-never-do-that cloth, but the ones who quietly glow and shine as they walk purposefully and courageously (which, incidentally, does not mean without fear) in their truth.
The truth of who they are – who God created them to be.
People who do the hard, gritty, often uncomfortable work of unearthing.
Unearthing those seeds planted by their Creator that often lie deep – sometimes hidden in painful, trying, even scary circumstances and situations.
People who push through the pain and peril to find their purpose.
People who then, with the tenacity and strength of character equal to Olympic proportions, intentionally practice that purpose, that passion…with no promise of shiny medals, lofty accolades, or million-dollar endorsement deals.

People like that – and we all know them – truly inspire me.

Maybe it’s because when I look at them, I think…’There is hope for me’…’I can do that’…

After trying to master the bunny hill at a ski lodge just a couple months ago – trying quite unsuccessfully while providing side-splitting amusement to my fellow skiers – there is no question in my mind that I will never, ever aspire to the heights of the Olympians I saw in the replays from Sochi. (Especially when I could hardly even walk in those darn ski boots!)

But, when I look at the beautiful, intentional way I’m welcomed by greeters at church – or when I interact with the local business owner whose smile sparkles brighter than any gold medal as she visits with patrons – or when I read a beautifully written blog post, or see a remarkable piece of work take shape under the careful hands of an artisan, or witness the joy on the face of a children’s ministry worker…
I. Am. Inspired.

Inspired to dig deeper in my own life to find that purpose-bearing seed.
Inspired to do the work of quietly honing and honoring what I find there.
Inspired to walk in the passion God’s given me.
Inspired to leave it to Him to decide whatever impact – or inspiration – my own messy, stumbling, imperfect, honest pursuit may have.

Who inspires me?
You, brave friend.
You, creative friend.
You, honest friend.
You, real friend.
You, passion-filled friend.

You and your life inspire and challenge me to be a better me – the me God’s called me to be.

Thank you for that.

{Linking up with Holley Gerth and Jennifer Dukes Lee again today – and so very thankful for the inspiration those two beautiful, brave ladies give me and so many others as they passionately pursue their purpose.)

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12 responses to “You Inspire Me. Yes, YOU.

  1. Jenna says:

    I agree — those ladies are truly brave and wonderful, and I absolutely love seeing what they (and you, I always click on you!) have to say with each week’s prompt. This was beautiful yet again. ~Jenna // A Mama Collective

  2. sarahgirl3 says:

    I so agree! It is often the ones behind the scenes, not getting the glory, who are the unsung heroes. I love your words!

  3. Anne says:

    You expressed so many things that were in my heart! I love this post. Such beautiful writing! Blessings! Visiting from Holley’s.

  4. Angie Webb says:

    Great post. Following you from Holley’s site. Glad to “meet” you.

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