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The Theology of Glitter

on March 5, 2014

Shiny, iridescent, bright, reflective.
Gosh, I love the stuff…
…the rainbow of colors, the textures, how it gleams when the light hits it…

And I’ve found that glitter is an Either-Or Kind of Thing.
EITHER you love it OR you hate it.
EITHER its Siren Song of Glitz calls to your every cell OR its Devil Ditty of Repulsion makes your very skin crawl.
EITHER it brings you great joy, adding a dose of Happy to all it lands on OR it drives you batty, creating a measure of Crazy as it clings to things not meant to sparkle. (Wait. What?! There are things NOT MEANT TO SPARKLE?!)

There is, apparently, no in-between when it comes to the stuff.
But no matter which camp you find yourself – no matter upon which end of the spectrum you find yourself – you can’t argue the fact that glitter makes a big difference, wherever (and on whatever) you find it.

I, myself, live in a House Divided when it comes to glitter.
I won’t name names, but there are those I have given birth to…actually carried in my womb and lovingly nursed at my breast…whose feet are firmly planted on the soil of GlitterHate Land.
And {thankfully} there are those who live under this roof who are gaga for glitter. (Ok, full disclosure, I may be the only one GAGA for it…but there are a couple other People Who Share My Last Name who at least like it, so I am not {totally} alone.)

In church on Sunday, as the early morning sun streaked through the windows during worship, my Mister pointed at something on the seat of the chair in front of us.
We were mid-chorus so, even though I had no idea what he had seen that had caused such an uncharacteristic break in protocol for him, I glanced quickly to where I thought he was pointing and, seeing nothing, looked back up to the screen for the next verse.

Worship led into the sermon which led into the offering, and then it was time for the closing worship songs and, finally, the benediction.

And, again, my Mister wordlessly pointed to – then reached for – the seat of that next-row-up chair.

This time, the light must have been just right.
Because I saw it.
It was shining in all its bright red glory.
A tiny beacon of Happy and Joy and Love.

I smiled…and my heart flip-flopped.
It made my day.
{I told you, I love the stuff.}
My Mister knows how much I adore glitter.
(Actually, most who know me are well aware of my Pro-Glitter Stance.)

And, as I type these words, it strikes me just how much I may have in common with that little piece of red glitter…

Glitter has quite a history.
Me, too.
Glitter is produced by a complex, and somewhat disquieting, process.
Me, too.
Glitter brings Happy to some and Crazy to others.
Me, too.
Glitter can only reflect (not create) the light.
Me, too.
Glitter sometimes clings to things it’s not meant to.
Me, too.
(Ouch, that last one stung just a little.)

All that said, I am deciding just now I want to be even more like that little piece of glitter…

I want there to be no in-between with me.
(And, that can only be true of me…of my life…when I allow myself to be found fully committed to the purpose for which He created me.)

I want to be seen…to be noticed…ONLY when the Light hits my life is just right.
(And, the Light can only hit it ‘just right’ when I allow myself to be in the right place at the right time so that He can make of me a beacon of Happy and Joy and Love.)

I want to gleam, sparkle, shine, and be iridescent in reflecting His Love to those I come in contact with every day.
(And, I can only reflect that Love when I allow myself to be used wherever He sees fit to place me.)

I want to be a small thing that makes a big difference…

{Loving that I have the privilege again of linking up with Holley Gerth and Jennifer Dukes Lee today. In the middle of this busy week, I hope you’ll make the time to find encouragement and some ‘You, too?’ in the links to their awesome sites.}

Coffee for Your Heart 

4 responses to “The Theology of Glitter

  1. Enjoying a cup with you this morning … and confessing to be on the fence about glitter.

  2. jecolorfulheart says:

    firmly in the glitter-loving camp…and so is my youngest daughter. Besides crafting with the stuff, both of us love all the clothes with “bling” nowadays!

    • LauraK says:

      I can’t resist bling-y clothes, either. And even my No Lover of Glitter daughter has some sparkly things in her closet. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by today!

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