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on March 12, 2014


Maybe you have a dream.
Maybe your dream appears too big…too lofty…crazy, even.
Maybe this dream feels like ages…even eons…in the making.

Maybe you saw something today that reminded you just how long you’ve been dreaming it.
Maybe that thing you saw caused a pit…or a boulder?…to form in your stomach.
Maybe looking back at all the days spent not walking toward your dream made your eyes water.
Maybe wondering if it’s too late now makes your throat close up, a fist-sized lump lodged there.

Maybe when you think of it, you recognize that you’ve subconsciously been living out a generational thing you heard once that sounds something like ‘You’ll never amount to anything.’

Maybe, on this very day, even though it feels beyond overwhelming and seems totally illogical, you notice a timid, new, cautious excitement bubbling up…because…


Maybe you look again and see that the clock hasn’t run out.
Maybe upon closer scrutiny, you grasp that the ages, eons, days have actually been preparing you for this time, for this moment.
Maybe, if you lean in, you can hear the whisper of promises being fulfilled and hopes being restored and dreams being realized.

Maybe the way things are unfolding is perfect…the timing, the lessons, the opportunities…all of it that had to come together in order for your heart to be ready.
Maybe the truth isn’t based on what you picked up in that thing you heard once, that generational thing that wasn’t even directed at you or based on anything but someone else’s bitterness and wounding, but in the sweet, uplifting things that are presenting themselves to you now.
Maybe there are so many reasons that you don’t know…can’t know…for ‘Why now?’ and ‘Why not back then?’
Maybe you can find some precious rest in allowing yourself to not know…to not have all the answers.

Maybe, in all of this, there is trusting and waiting and learning and believing and growing and opening and letting go and replacing and hoping and knowing.
Maybe the fact that all of those things are practices…and that you’ve been faithful in the practicing…is what all this time has been about.
Maybe you can finally release the expectations of How It Was Supposed To Happen that have been weighing down your heart…stifling your joy…stealing your hope.

Maybe you can give yourself credit for walking through all that you have.
Maybe it’s possible to honor your soul in a celebration of surviving all that you have.
Maybe there can be flowers and balloons and love songs…for youand for your dream coming true.
Maybe a big, fuzzy blanket of Grace will wrap itself around whatever regrets are buried deep…and even the ones threatening to break the surface…so that Peace radiates in and out, like breathing.

Maybe, as you sit and smile and relax and feel your heart begin to heal, you’ll feel the presence of beloved ones who cheer you on as you gather the lessons you’ve learned and begin to walk in Faith toward that dream.
Maybe those dear souls have been able to see your sparkling potential…have even seen your dream coming true…before you could even begin to imagine it.
Maybe people like that have been gently calling you and your unique light out all along…only now, now you can hear them.
Maybe the sweet refrain of their voices sounds like Truth…like Hope…like Joy.


{Linking up again – how blessed am I?! – with Holley Gerth and Jennifer Dukes Lee. So many treasures and riches to be discovered in all the lovely posts at both amazing sites. Maybe you’ll click through? You won’t be sorry. Promise.}

Coffee for Your Heart 

2 responses to “Maybe

  1. Lovely encouragement in your words. I’m hear from Holley’s link up and I’m living proof that dreams do come true in God’s timing. It’s beautiful to behold, truly.

    • LauraK says:

      So happy to have you here from Holley’s…and so glad to know that you’ve experienced the beauty of your dreams coming true! Yay, you! 🙂

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