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You Have Permission

on March 26, 2014


Sweet Soul,

After all you’ve been through,
You have permission to recharge…completely, without shame.

After all the work you’ve done,
You have permission to rest…fully, without guilt.

After all you’ve learned,
You have permission to readjust…positively, without apprehension.

After all the losses you’ve endured,
You have permission to reclaim…absolutely, without exception.

After all you’ve overcome,
You have permission to rejoice…truly, without fear.


After all, you’ve weathered, worked, learned, stood, and overcome.
Those are not small things.
They are Real Life Stuff.
Those things you’ve faced down.
Those things you’ve survived.


You have permission.
To be just where you are.
To feel just what you feel.
To know just what you know.


I hope you know how very precious you are.
I hope you know how very good you are.
I hope you know how very loved you are.

{Joining again with Holley Gerth and Jennifer Dukes Lee this week. There is so much good to be found when you click through. May your sweet soul be refreshed by their words – and the words of the amazing writers linked up on both of their sites.}

Coffee for Your Heart 

4 responses to “You Have Permission

  1. sarahgirl3 says:

    Thank you for your restoring words. YOU are very precious!

  2. Karrlin Bain says:

    I love this! I needed permission. ; )

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