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A Note for the Left-Outs, the Scapegoats, the You-Don’t-Belongs

on April 9, 2014


you are enough

Dear bright, precious, priceless you,

I don’t know what happened, who was broken, and how they lived those limping lives that caused you to receive the message found embedded in your heart: You’re not enough.

I don’t know who disregarded your tender soul, what they said, and when they first slung the mud they hoped would stick to you instead of them as they told your spirit: You don’t belong.

I don’t know how it looked, what lies the resounding blame echoed in your ears, and why they thought is was okay to tell you: It’s all your fault.

To be honest, there is so much I don’t even begin to understand about how these horrific, hurtful, heart-rending things were allowed to happen, to injure beloved ones like you.

So much I cannot fathom when I try to grasp the pain and anguish and sickness that manifested itself in identifying, calling out, and castigating the innocent…all in weak, futile attempts to transfer their pain, their hurt onto one who didn’t deserve it…one who bore no responsibility for it…one who should be the recipient of their care, concern, and compassion…not their disgust, disregard, disinterest.

But, here is what I do know…what I am trying to believe for myself…and for all you fellow Too-Much/Not-Enough-ers out there:

You are seen.
You are loved.
You are okay.
You are not alone.
You are supported.
You are strong
You are known.
You are heard.
You are worth fighting for.
You are not responsible for them, those hurt people who hurt people.
You are responsible for you, for your reactions, for finding and walking in your truth.
And you have what it takes.
You really do.

Even on days when it feels like keeping your head above the crashing waves requires more strength than you possess.
Because it’s not about your strength alone.
It’s really not about your strength at all.

It’s about the strength of the One who sees, loves, approves, stands beside, supports, strengthens, knows, hears, and fights for you.
Lean into that truth today, you amazing, irreplaceable miracle.
Lean as hard into it as you need to in order to find a stable place to put your feet.

There is One Who knows the pain, the losses, the grieving, the confusion…knows it intimately.
And in that intimate knowing, He knows how to save, restore, renew, and refresh you.


Remember that when the garbage they try to toss your way causes you to question your self, your worth, your value, even your sanity.
And then, do the work it takes to grab onto the Truth of who and Whose you are…not who they try to make you believe you are.

Find rest in the fact that you are truly, madly, unendingly, wildly loved and cherished and treasured by the One Who Knows.
Find peace in the fact that you are deeply, intimately, perfectly known and accepted and approved by the One Who Sees.

In His crazy-beautiful love,
A fellow recovering Not-Enough

{It’s Wednesday, so that means the awesome privilege of linking up at Holley Gerth’s amazing space and Jennifer Dukes Lee’s awesome spot…please click through for more and more and more of all the good.}

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4 responses to “A Note for the Left-Outs, the Scapegoats, the You-Don’t-Belongs

  1. What a powerful word here! Thank you, friend!

  2. Alexis says:

    What a beautiful post. I pinned it so I’d be able to find it quickly for a reminder. ❤ Thank you.

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