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When ‘I Can’t’ = Brave

on April 30, 2014

Life can be hard.

That’s no surprise, is it?

I’m sure you can make your own list, write your own book, about just how hard it is.
Maybe it’s your childhood pain nipping at your heels.
Maybe it’s your marriage that’s bringing you to your knees.
Maybe it’s your work that’s emptying your heart.
Maybe it’s parenting that’s draining your spirit.
Maybe it’s all of the above.
All at once.

And, if you’re like me, maybe you’ve been toughing it out…grinning and bearing it…keeping quiet so your voice doesn’t rock the boat…doesn’t make waves…doesn’t ripple into a tsunami that threatens to crash your shores…

But, friend, can I be honest with you?
Like Shoot-It-Straight, From-the-Hip Honest?

Toughing it out…grinning and bearing it…keeping quiet…
Those things can cripple you if you insist on living from that place for too long.
‘Being strong’ can weaken the resolve of the best of us.
‘Keeping it together’ can rip the most pulled-together of us apart.
‘Swallowing your voice’ can choke the life out the heartiest of us.

Believe me.
I know.
I know, because that’s how I’ve lived most of my life.
Being tough…being strong…keeping it together (even if I was only being held together with spit and feathers and duct tape at times)…

All the while, thinking it was totally and completely up to me to make things okay, to make things work out, to be responsible for every. little. bit. of. it.

Does that sound familiar?
If it does, if your heart does a little flip at the thought that you are not alone in those feelings, I want to give you a Good News Flash today…

It’s okay to admit that you’re spent.
It’s okay to acknowledge you’re tired.
It’s okay to say ‘I can’t.

Because…and here’s the secret of it…it’s when we reach the end of ourselves…when we allow the crumbling walls to tumble down…when we let the spit and feathers and duct tape dry up and blow away and fall off…it’s then that we find strength that comes from letting the One who knew we were bluffing anyway take the reins and give our exhausted hearts rest.

When we are brave enough to say ‘I can’t’ and add it to looking up we can count on being rebuilt in ways that bring us to places of peace, campfires of comfort, savannahs of serenity.

So, sweet, brave, gutsy, strong, tired friend…look up and say ‘I can’t.’
When you do, I promise the One who answers will say, ‘Don’t worry, love. I can.’

{I am lucky to be linking up with Holley Gerth and Jennifer Dukes Lee again. There’s so much love and hope and Good News from them – and all who link up along with me – to help you look up when ‘I can’t’ falls from your lips…do click through. You’ll be glad you did!}

Coffee for Your Heart 

5 responses to “When ‘I Can’t’ = Brave

  1. Debbie says:

    Encouraging words that I needed to hear today! Thank you!

  2. I absolutely agree with you! You can’t doesn’t have to mean forever, it can mean not now. I love that you wrote about this! 🙂

  3. aminellie1inspiration says:

    This is a really encouraging post…something that we all need to hear! 🙂

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