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When The Week Gets Away From You

on May 10, 2014 step at a time.Since January, I have been disciplined and faithful in my participation in Holley Gerth’s Coffee for Your Heart link-up on Wednesdays – and a while back, I mustered up even more courage and began participating in Jennifer Dukes Lee’s #TellHisStory on Wednesdays, too.

Well, this week got away from me.

I’m not exactly sure how – and I’m not exactly sure the How is even relevant right now…though it may warrant some investigation later to make sure I’ve not allowed The Urgent to crowd out The Important. (Honestly, it probably won’t take much investigation. I have a feeling I already know the answer…but that’s an exploration for another day.)

As the days of this week have slipped by, a little too full and a little too quickly, I decided to give myself permission to be late in posting my weekly Wednesday post — making it more of a Friday post this time, I guess. Right? *wink

Along with giving myself that permission, there are two other things that have helped me let go of the pressure (and potential shame/self-loathing) of being late this week. Things I believe each of us can benefit from when Life Gets Crazy. When the week threatens to get away from us.

#1 – When Overwhelm overwhelms, take a big deep breath, find a calming thought, and remind yourself that, no matter how many things are on your To Do List, there is wisdom and gentleness in doing one thing at a time. Just do the next thing. When we take that gigantic List and break it into One Thing At A Time, we’re eating that proverbial elephant the only way possible, without making ourselves sick. One bite, one thing, at a time. There is a sense of peace that can come from that.

#2 – Even when the frantic pace of being behind is trying to suck the breath out of your lungs, making room for people can help you keep things in perspective and maybe in some semblance of balance. Whether that means an impromptu lunch (or coffee) with a friend, or an extended talk with your normally close-lipped teen, or even making time to be there for someone who’s in the middle of a big project of their own…whatever making room for people looks like for you, it’s a remarkable way to catch your breath. Even though it may feel counterintuitive to step away from all the frenetic activity that surrounds trying to get caught up on your Action Items, connecting, fellowshipping, being there with – and for – the people in your life are mysterious, miraculous, magical ways to keep your own Busy in a beautiful new context.

So, that’s how I’ve rolled this week – giving myself permission to be late, doing one thing at a time, and choosing to make room for people.

And you know what?

It worked.
There was a peace I felt that I’m not sure made a lick of sense to my List-Driven, Task-Oriented Brain.

But it sure made sense to my heart.

{Even though I’m late, I’m still giddy to be linking up with both Holley and Jennifer again. Pop on over sometime this weekend – no matter how behind you might feel on your own To Do List – it’ll be more-than-worth your time. I’m sure of it.}

Coffee for Your Heart 

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