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How To Be A Groupie

on May 19, 2014


It’s what we were created for, you and I.

It’s what our hearts yearn for, even when something has happened to you in community that colors that yearning gray – or even black – with fear.


Does the word itself awaken a song in your heart?
A song of hope, a song of joy, a song of wonder?

Can you hear it?
You may have to get quiet in order to hear the melody, to pick out the words.
It may be playing soft.
And that part inside your heart that wants to ‘protect’ you may be trying to drown it out.

But, sister, today, do whatever you have to turn up the volume on that song.
Slap in some earbuds so you can catch the lyrics.

Because TODAY is the day that Community – the very thing God wants to use to nurture us, feed us, grow us, mature us, make us more like His Son – is yours for the making.

From right there.
From right where you are sitting, reading these words.

TODAY is the day the fabulous team at (in) opens Registration to their amazing (in)courager Community Groups!

And while there are many, many different groups you can choose to be a part of ~ over 70, to be exact! ~ , the universal focus of each is Community!

{If the very thought of that feels risky…makes your knees shake with the weight of ‘I want to belong, but what if I don’t Do It Right?’…makes you want to hit Enter on the Registration form before the fear of reaching out chases you from the room…please, dear one, take a big, deep breath, steady those shaky knees and go for it. Hit Enter. You can do it! And, I promise you, you’ll be so glad you did.}

Here are some sparkly words from just-like-you beauties who took the risk, filled out the Registration form, and hit Enter during previous (in)courager Community Group sessions:

**In the Fall of 2013, I was embarking on the next season of my life: marriage. I was nervous, excited, and not sure of what to expect. Thankfully my (in)courage community group was full of prayers, words of wisdom, and a place to express myself during the adjustment. God brought lots of ladies in my life who had been there, done that when it came to being a newlywed, and I was (in)couraged.** ~Alicia Turner Beard,

**Since I’m in a new town and slowly making friends, my (in)courage community group has helped me stay connected with people who care about me and what’s going on in my life. These online friends have become real-life friends!** ~Holly Solomon Barrett,

**For the past two semesters I was blessed to be a part of the Work at Home Moms group. It was a breath of fresh air. A place to go for encouragement and prayer. A place to connect and belong. We walked alongside each other, brainstormed together, and created community. It was a place of beauty in the mess of life.** ~Whitney Cornelison,

This session, I have the high privilege and incredibly humbling honor to be co-leading a Community Group called (in)Bracing God’s Light: Comfort in the Midst of Cancer with my dear new friend, Lynn Severance. We are both so looking forward to our time together, blessing and learning from each precious gal that comes to our little community!

Our group is one of many (over 70, remember?!) – I just know there is one that can be a perfect fit for YOU and exactly where you are RIGHT NOW…Empty Nester? New Mom? Mom of Teens? Working Mom? At-Home Mom? Writer? Blogger? Honestly, the types of groups available this session run the gamut!

The deets about all the phenomenal groups, and what you can expect when you become part of one of them, can be found at

Let this Spring be one of reaching out, opening up, connecting, and belonging by registering, friend.

Because it’s what you were made for.
It’s what your heart needs.




4 responses to “How To Be A Groupie

  1. Loved the title of your post!! 🙂 Thanks for including my quote and link to my blog…so generous, friend! Prayers and blessings for your group.

  2. This is a beautiful post! You are a blessing to me and to so many!

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