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Be Gentle

on May 27, 2014

In the last seven days, my calendar was filled with things that would feel heavy and hard, when faced one at a time, edges laced with potential discord and disappointment, crumpled with unrecognized fear and worry, seared with the heat of strain and pain.

I don’t know how (or why) they were all dumped into what felt like one long stretch of One-Thing-After-Anothers.

I know I sure wouldn’t have chosen it to be the way it was.
But I don’t remember being consulted about the timing.

I could go into intricate, colorful detail of each item I tried to casually check off with the pencil that lives next to the planner on my desk as the days bled together, but the particulars are not the point. The fact is, it’s likely that your calendar has looked the same. Maybe not last week, but the week before. Or sometime last month. Or maybe it was last year.

And, after you survived it – that onslaught of difficult appointments to keep, difficult relationships to balance, difficult situations to navigate – you came up dazed and worn and more than a little weary, didn’t you?

You realized you were holding your breath only when your head started feeling light.
You became aware you were clenching your jaw only when your teeth started to hurt.
You knew you were tensing your neck and shoulders only when your muscles started cramping.

I know.
Because that was me.
All day today.

At first, I was confused…
Why the heck was I feeling so raw? So spent?
After all, I had made it through those perilous days.
Shouldn’t I be swept up in a sweet flood of relief and gratitude?
What was my problem?!

Before I got so far down the Road Of Self-Loathing that there was no turning back, I heard sweet comfort in the words of a friend.
Sweet comfort that turned me around and pointed me in the direction my spent soul and hurting heart needed to go.
Words that acted like a precious healing balm and turned me toward Hope.

‘Be gentle with yourself.’

Friend, when you find yourself dazed and confused after surviving something – or some things – difficult, remember those words given to me that I now give to you…

‘Be gentle with yourself.’

{One way you could be gentle with yourself today is to click through to Holley Gerth’s and Jennifer Dukes Lee’s places…reading their words, and the words of the brilliant writers who link up, will bless your weary heart. I’m sure of it.}


6 responses to “Be Gentle

  1. jecolorfulheart says:

    Thanks for your words Laura. It has been one of “those” weeks around here…and I needed your reminder.

  2. This is a reminder that I could use more often! I sometimes don’t realize how tense I am until I’m completely off balance. I just stumbled upon your site and love your words!

  3. Pamela Kuhn says:

    I am going to remember those words. I found myself right there this week. I was trying to fall asleep and realized how tense I was. I kept repeating, ‘I will lay me down in peace and sleep.” I’m going to carry “Be Gentle with yourself” in my pocket!

    • LauraK says:

      I am going to borrow your ‘I will lay me down in peace and sleep’, Pamela. 🙂 Hope you’ll find peace in your pocket as you carry ‘Be gentle with yourself.’

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