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RELAX :: a blog series :: intro


relax 3

Can we talk for a minute?
In the middle of your turkey-and-stuffing-laden weekend?

Have you ever found your mouth saying an excited Yes before your brain kicks in with calm, cool, collected reasons to maybe take a beat before committing to something that could be a bit out of your depth?

Me, too.

A while back, I was invited to speak to a beautiful group of women gathered for an evening of camaraderie, connection, and cheer. And, before my brain could alert my mouth that perhaps first having some idea of what I’d share would be a good idea, my mouth – and, if I’m honest, my heart – said a loud, almost-too-eager Yes!

Fast forward a few sleepless nights.
As I fretted about the potential trouble my mouth had gotten me into again, I heard God whisper, ‘Relax.’ into the middle of my worry in the middle of the night.
And, He didn’t stop with that one simple-to-say-but-hard-to-do word, just so you know.
He gave me an acrostic to go along with it…and pretty much explained to my sleep-deprived brain that this was the topic I was going to share with those precious ladies: RELAX.

Recently, I told that story to a life coach I’ve been working with, and she said, ‘Laura. You know that when God gives you something like that, it’s not really just for you, right? It’s meant for you to share with as many others as you can.’


So, here I am. Sharing it on the blog.
As a 5-part series.
About RELAXing.

I know.
You may be thinking…RELAX?
During the month of December?
When lines are long, lists are longer, money is short, and tempers are shorter?
Am I crazy?
To suggest RELAXing when everything in you wants to do the opposite?

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but hang in with me.
Over the next five weeks, we’ll take the word itself apart, and maybe that will help keep us from falling apart when things around us get crazy.

Here’s the acrostic God gave me that night:


And, really?
This five-part concept of RELAXing has been pretty huge for me.
I just know it can become the same for you.
You see, these words – these ideas – when we start to practice them, are five steps we can take to make our lives more soul-full.
During the holidays and beyond.

So, I hope you’ll join me here Tuesday…and the four Tuesdays after that.
Because, what better time than the start of this beautiful, potentially chaotic holiday season to explore the ways we can really, truly RELAX?

Till then, take a few minutes to breathe deep and pass the leftovers.