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RELAX :: a blog series :: wrap up

relax final
{Every Tuesday as 2015 ended, we met here to pull apart the word RELAX. We’ve leaned into it. We’ve learned ways we can really practice it. And it turns out that the hectic holidays were the perfect place to get some rubber-meets-the-road experience with it. I’m beyond grateful you’ve been here…it’s so much better to work through things like this in the company of kindreds. What say we put a bow on it today?}

It’s been six weeks since since I shared an acrostic for the word RELAX with you.
Remember how it was God’s middle-of-the-night answer to me when a wayward but excited Yes locked me into a speaking engagement for which I had no topic idea?
Here it is again, in the interest of bringing this baby full circle:


Remember how we looked at what it means to RELEASE so that we can EMBRACE while we LAUGH at ourselves and ADJUST to this crazy thing called Life in order to breathe deep and EXHALE? (See what I did there? *wink)

Remember how we learned that every last bit of this is a practice?
That it’s not a Do It All Right All Of The Time thing?
That we can and should shower ourselves with grace and kindness when we stumble or falter or (gasp!) forget.

Remember how I said that when we’re able to practice each of those things, we have a better chance of living a more soul-full, RELAXed life?
It’s truer than true that RELAXing makes room for our soul to explore, to rest, to just *be*.
It’s a real thing.
That soul-full life.
One that I truly hope you’ve experienced a time or two (at least!) these last several weeks.
One that I truly hope you’re able to carry forward with you into this new year.

Look at us!
We bravely determined to allow ourselves to RELAX during one of the busiest times of the year. And that’s no small thing.
But, just so we’re clear, RELAXing is no time-specific thing.
Soul-full living is for any day – every day – of the year.

I’d love it if I could pray for you just now…

Heavenly Father,
I praise You and thank You for each one of these brave, strong, hope-filled friends. I am always so amazed and astounded by Your creativity and grace when I get to spend {even virtual} time with such unrepeatable, irreplaceable miracles. To think that, as different as we each are, we are all created by You, in Your image is so humbling.
Lord, I ask that You would bless each one here, mightily and with much abundance. Help all of us to know Your presence in powerful ways that we’ve never before experienced.
And, in the midst of all the temptation to do more, go more, be more in this new year, Lord, please help each of us to remember to RELAX. To RELEASE. To EMBRACE. To LAUGH. To ADJUST. To EXHALE. Show us how You desire that to look in our everyday lives and give us the strength and courage and confidence to walk it out.
Because it is in trusting You and the way You are unfolding things in our lives that we can truly RELAX.
Thank You for Your Son and for the beauty of this season.
It’s in His name I pray. Amen.

{If you’re not the praying type, no worries. Know that I honor you in that and I’m sending you love and light.}
Here’s to 2016…and the hope for a more RELAXed soul-full life for us all.

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