grateful amazement

finding wonder…everywhere.

Happy New Day!

Today, and every day, I work to live from a place of grateful amazement. 

And, some days, it truly is work. 
But then, I am grateful for those days, too. 
Because this journey is made up of bright and dark. Light and shadow.
All of our journeys are.
And I’m learning that grateful amazement makes the bright shinier and the dark less gloomy. The light sparklier and the shadow less scary.
How can you not be gratefully amazed by that?
The above is an excerpt from October 3, 2012 on another blog/journal called CaringBridge that I began over two years ago, after being diagnosed with breast cancer. *It’s the update titled ‘Today’. Feel free to check out the whole entry, or just look around and learn about the ins, outs, and upside-downs of my Cancer Journey.
Immediately after writing that Journal Update, the phrase ‘grateful amazement’ wouldn’t let go of my heart so I bopped on over here and named this new blog. Not really sure what I was meant to do with it. Not really knowing what would become of it. Just knowing that it would be something. Someday.
And, it turns out, that Someday is TODAY! This New Year’s Day 2013!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Day!
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